Blind Vision Album Review


From Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal E-Zine. I should note Eoin Leonard plays bass on Ho-Down, this isn’t mentioned in the review.

The Cassini Projekt (with “k”) is a one-man band hailing from Dublin, the U.K. The only integrant is Alex Mc Donnell (guitars, piano, keyboards, drums, bass, and vocals). Hats off for him, he has the right Rock attitude. Mc Donnell and his The Cassini Projekt tries to create music without boundaries, making use of every musical genre, and has the hunger for experimentation, having fun during his own musical journey. Mc Donnell has the most different influences, and is addicted to “The Mars Volta”, “Radiohead”, “Queen”, “The Darkness”, “Nine Inch Nails”, “Charlotte Hatherley”, “Led Zeppelin”, “The Prodigy”, “At the Drive-In”, “Coldplay”, “Goldfrapp”, “Opeth”, “Animals as Leaders”, “Badly Drawn Boy”, “Dragonforce”, “Pulp”, “Yeah Yeah Yeahs”, “Interpol”, and “Tool”.

Somehow, he mixed everything inside himself, and through his particular point of view, produced a bunch of the weirdest and crazy songs that I have ever listened to. Mc Donnell managed to record all his ideas on a self-made CDR titled “Blind Vision” (2008, “Firebird Records”).

Defying a conventional Tag, his music is unlimited by any borders, and may amalgamate within a single composition the most diverging tendencies, from Metal and Punk to Progressive, Pop-Rock, Space-Rock and Experimental Music. The 9 tracks of “Blind Vision” are really amusing, and some are long, clocking around 6 to 8 minutes. The opening track – “Cold Stare“ – is a mix of Hard Rock riffs inserted within a Space-Rock frame. “Long Time Coming“ is like a melodic Progressive-Punk, recalling “The Jam” and “The Clash”, but stuffed with guitar effects. “Take it All“ is a Techno-Trance-Punk-Funk, busting radioactive energy to all sides, and spilling out crazy “Hendrixian” guitars. “Ho-Down“ is a melodic Post-Punk ballad that recalls me of “The Cure”, while the Alternative Rock of “Blind Vision“ brings light guitars that are quite like “Radiohead”. “Hell’s a Place in Mexico“ is a Punk-Metal that blends the explosiveness of “Nine Inch Nails” with a middle section bringing Mexican guitars in a NWOBHM-styled guitar technique that reminds me of Metal band “Satan”. “Whiteblood“ is a Noisy-Experimental-Metal track, while “Fail“ contrasts with it by being almost a Folk ballad (maybe an influence of “Charlotte Hatherley”). “Fight to the End“ is a Post-Metal experimental-cosmic-psychedelic track that pushes all Universe closer to the Big Crunch.

With a noisy, harsh, yet original Alternative-Garage-Punk-Metal-Progressive sonority, The Cassini Projekt is not recommended for the regular Progressive Rock lover, but for those who like to listen to amusing crazy music that extrapolates all patterns of normality. If you like “Nine Inch Nails”, “The Prodigy”, “Goldfrapp”, “Animals as Leaders”, “Badly Drawn Boy”, “Pulp”, “Yeah Yeah Yeahs” and “Interpol”, give it a try. Only band member involved in The Cassini Projekt is: Alex Mc Donnell – Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Drums, and Bass…

(Comments by Marcelo Trotta).”