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TCP goes classical

Are you ready to get Bach’d??? Here is a Bachanalia of classical music. And remember, I’ll be Bach.

Bach – Prelude to the Lute Suite BWV 1006a (A Bach of a piece)

Bach – Gavotte en Rondeau

Danza in E Minor – Jorge Morel

Asturias – Isaac Albeniz

Recuerdos de la Alhambra – Francisco Tárrega

Grand Caprice – Napoléon Coste


Möbius Dream ft. Marie Ork


Check out my other band Megalithic that I play guitar in with my friend Mehzeb  Chowdhury. We’ve released our debut album The Unnamed. If you like The Cassini Projekt you’ll like Megalithic. It’s more pedal to the metal, catchier and more fun overall. Enjoy!

And also check out our website

T shirts and apparel here (I spent 3 months doing the design, it’s intended to evoke the spirit of 1981, heavy metal and rock from that era and retro video games. Of course it also depicts the imagery in the title song “Megalithic”!)

New tune

Very proud to have my music feature on the soundtrack for this excellent new game, download free from the google play store!


A new/old song from Filler days (2009). It’s about the urban legend of Polybius, an arcade machine the U.S. government used to brainwash unsuspecting gamers. Enjoy!


Borne in spirit and on a day unto the month of May, celebrate Mayday with this new track from The Cassini Projekt…yay.

Left handed, leftfield and leftwing.

Ooh what’s this? A doom metal version of Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven is a Place on Earth???

Check it out, Factory Fast’s compilation Hell Haven, named after my song which features on it, plenty of other good artists too

Trio: Da Da Da (metal version)

Here’s my cover version of Trio’s classic Da Da Da, enjoy!