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Prelude to War Part 2

It’s always nice when the composer of the music you’re covering, Bear McCreary, who has scored for Battlestar Galactica, Outlander, The Walking Dead and 10 Cloverfield Lane among other great TV shows,  compliments your work! Check it out here



TCP does a cover?! What of I hear thee say??? Why Brian McCreary’s masterpiece, Prelude to War of course! Not any song gets the attention of my mighty musical organ (wait, is Tharg telepathically speaking through me?). Anyway, here it is, enjoy!

Stacking Dolls

My song, Simulation features on Factory Fasts’ new release, Stacking Dolls. Check it out, there are many other great artists on this compilation and by purchasing it for the modest price  of $4.83 you’ll be supporting underground music.

Lyrics for Sellout now available

On the lyrics page

Cassini Projekt on the radio

I’ll be on the radio at 8pm UK time. Also special shout out to Boston Rock Radio for playing Neurotic Insomniac on Tuesday and the Quinn Spin, and ISX radio

From Factory Fast Records: Essential Listening: The Dog and Crow Show — Thursday 3 March at 8pm UK time (3pm EST) on — 2 hours of smashing tunes from rare vinyl to Rap including every track from our new “Under the Sea” CD featuring Wind Cries Mary, The Cassini Project, War Waves, The Mink Stoles, Lemonade Kid, Mako and The Hurt Attack — we promise this show is going to totally ROCK!


Check out the new compilation from Factory Fast Records which features Neurotic Insomniac and songs from other great artists, well worth getting.…/B01CDHYMII

New album Sellout is here!!!

It’s finally here, are you ready to Sellout with me? (all tracks are free to download, enjoy!)

A special shout out to Rock Hard Reviews for their review of Filler, they’re an amazing resource for discovering new music.

Also just to update, mixing Sellout is soon to begin and will be downloadable in the February!

Sellout is coming

The new album Sellout is nearly done, just mixing and mastering it, I hope to release it at the end of January 2016.

The tracklist is as follows, but this isn’t the final order

1. Hell Haven

2. Exile

3. Gorgon of Zola

4. Simulation

5. Neurotic Insomniac

6. Fight to Believe

7. Wyvern Witch

8. Winter Incarnate

9. Vial (includes Vial II and Vial Reprise)

10. Champions of the Universe

11. The Sacred Song

12. River of Stars


Check it out, new music video for Ziggurat