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The Cassini Projekt on TV

Hey everyone, I’m going to be on TV…again!, Friday 29th at 9:40 pm on channel 191 (Truth Music Directory), that’s on Sky TV

Hey, check out the new music video for Infernalis

Blind Vision

Blind Vision (copyright 2008)

This album was completed in 2008 and was released in a sense on VOX, a blogging site which has since ceased operations. With this in mind The Cassini Projekt undertook to release it on Last FM and Soundcloud. (http://soundcloud.com/the-cassini-projekt/sets/blind-vision-part-1).

Eoin Leonard supplied bass on Ho-Down and it was mostly written during University and immediately after the completion of the composers degree and so the songs are to some extent reflective of that. For example Cold Stare’s lyrical themes, about a kleptomaniacal vampire female who develops a crush on the narrator, is largely evocative of the pre-occupations of two 2nd year college students. By contrast, Blind Vision concerns instant gratification culture, deceit in the political system and the consensus people give to live in a 9-5 labour market society and was composed after college when the band member was working. Similarly Fail is a condemnation of group think and is nihilistic and misanthropic in atmosphere.

However silliness is never far as in the case of a song like White Blood concerning transcendence and power through the self destructive consumption of excessive amounts of cocaine or with Ho-Down, which is basically a parody of Prince and Justin Timberlake songs. The music was recorded using a Fosters 287 multitracker which is around 20 years old and semi functioning. It was connected to a computer essentially as a means of recording audio in Sonar. Therefore the technology involved was primitive.