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A special shout out to Rock Hard Reviews for their review of Filler, they’re an amazing resource for discovering new music.

Also just to update, mixing Sellout is soon to begin and will be downloadable in the February!

Sellout is coming

The new album Sellout is nearly done, just mixing and mastering it, I hope to release it at the end of January 2016.

The tracklist is as follows, but this isn’t the final order

1. Hell Haven

2. Exile

3. Gorgon of Zola

4. Simulation

5. Neurotic Insomniac

6. Fight to Believe

7. Wyvern Witch

8. Winter Incarnate

9. Vial (includes Vial II and Vial Reprise)

10. Champions of the Universe

11. The Sacred Song

12. River of Stars


Check it out, new music video for Ziggurat

New Song, Simulation

New song, Simulation, off the forthcoming album Sellout, check it out. Special shout out to my bro who mixed it.

The Cassini Projekt on TV

Hey everyone, I’m going to be on TV…again!, Friday 29th at 9:40 pm on channel 191 (Truth Music Directory), that’s on Sky TV

Hey, check out the new music video for Infernalis

Interview with The Cassini Projekt

Chunechat interview with yours truly, check it out!

Cassini Projekt T-Shirts!!!!

The Cassini Projekt T-Shirts now available at From ( perfect Christmas gift!! 3 unique designs for you to Projekt yourself!!! Buy one now!!!!

Blind Vision Review

From (

The Cassini Projekt is a musical project from Dublin, Ireland which is headed up by Alex McDonnell. This batch of 9 compositions takes on hirsute progressive rock riffs, solid bass gears, and blasting drums in general. McDonnell gets involved in a highly playful action which is reflected through incessant changing in chords and keys. The whole is keen on running along the borders of progressive rock and metal rock which are embellished with tickling psychedelic whiffs, frantic funk flirtations, bombastic orchestrated flirtations, and electronic explorations. By singing manner McDonnell extends from calm and joyous to more melancholic and aggressive expressions.

Latest review for Blind Vision, from Behind the Veil, Greece’s premier rock and metal e-zine.

The CASSINI PROJEKT has some really beautiful moments in their songs and a really beautiful cover!! The best songs are “Cold Stare” and “Blind Vision”. Their album can be downloaded for free from their site. All the instruments except for the bass parts have been played from one man. So this is a considerable effort for just one man (the production of the album is also good for an independent release). In conclusion this is an album which combines many rock subgenres and has some really beautiful moments.

(by Ioannis Kaskamanidis, Behind the Veil Webzine)


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