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Take It All (alt rock)

New music video!



I am the Master of Time


Why don’t I update this so often?


Child in Time Deep Purple Cover

Have you ever wondered what Child in Time by Deep Purple would sound like with Brian May’s Red Special tone in a cyberpunk retro future universe? Well look no further because I recorded a cover with my Brian May digi effects red special pedal in a retro future universe! Featuring Remeya Kingston on vocals


New Tune

New Song: Roadwave

Here is my new song, Roadwave. It’s a mix of rock, prog, djent (probably more prog as it turns out) and synthwave. Like/comment/subscribe on YouTube.

Guitar covers

Are you ready for Testament’s TRIAL BY FIRE?! Are you ready for the thing that should not be: A nyam cat, Nicholas Cage bunny hybrid? Are you ready for nukes, Doom and ballet all in one video? Are you ready for dodgy green screen in the punk rock DIY vein? Then look no further


TCP goes classical

Are you ready to get Bach’d??? Here is a Bachanalia of classical music. And remember, I’ll be Bach.

Bach – Prelude to the Lute Suite BWV 1006a (A Bach of a piece)

Bach – Gavotte en Rondeau

Danza in E Minor – Jorge Morel

Asturias – Isaac Albeniz

Recuerdos de la Alhambra – Francisco Tárrega

Grand Caprice – Napoléon Coste

Möbius Dream ft. Marie Ork


Check out my other band Megalithic that I play guitar in with my friend Mehzeb  Chowdhury. We’ve released our debut album The Unnamed. If you like The Cassini Projekt you’ll like Megalithic. It’s more pedal to the metal, catchier and more fun overall. Enjoy!

And also check out our website

T shirts and apparel here (I spent 3 months doing the design, it’s intended to evoke the spirit of 1981, heavy metal and rock from that era and retro video games. Of course it also depicts the imagery in the title song “Megalithic”!)